25 things to do while social distancing

Last night, the Prime Minister advised us all (whether we're showing symptoms or not) to avoid unnecessary contact with others in an effort to limit the spread of Coronavirus and protect the vulnerable. 

While self isolating will undoubtedly be tough for many, there's never been a better time to do it. In 2020 we have instant access to thousands of books, movies, games, music, podcasts, and each other. We can make a conscious decision to see this as an opportunity to be productive, practice self care and check in with those we're often too busy to catch up with.

I've compiled a list of 25 things we can do while social distancing over the next few weeks...

1. Binge that TV box set you've been meaning to see
2. Build a sofa den and watch old feel-good movies (Miss Congeniality anyone?)
3. Read a book that's been on your TBR list for a while
4. Start a sewing or knitting project
5. Paint a masterpiece 
6. Do that DIY project you still haven't gotten around to 
7. Spring clean your home - clean the windows, flip your mattress and organise that Monica cupboard/drawer we all know we have!
8. Catch up with a friend or relative you haven't spoken to in a long time 
9. Face time your parents/grandparents/siblings - you could eat a meal together, have a drink or even play Trivial Pursuit - how lucky we are to have the technology to help us connect, even while we're distancing 
10. Give yourself a good manicure/pedicure/face mask
11. Finish a challenging puzzle 
12. Play a board game
13. Exercise/stretch
14. Bird watch from the window/garden if you have one
15. Start a blog
16. Clear out your wardrobe ready for summer
17. Have a long soak in the bath
18. Do the crosswords to keep your brainpower strong 
19. Create and order a photo book, finally freeing up some space on your phone
20. Bake yourself a cake, just because
21. Binge a new podcast (Find my recommendations here)
23. Meditate/relax/give yourself space and time to just be - put down your phone for a while and take care of you
24. Reach out to a friend or neighbour in need and offer them conversation/a home-cooked meal/your surplus loo roll!
25. Play the music loud and dance it out 

Most importantly: stay safe and healthy!

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