8 places to shop plastic free in Brighton

So you want to move to a more sustainable lifestyle? I'm right there with ya! There's so much evidence to prove that our disposable culture of convenience is destroying the environment, diminishing animal species and impacting poor communities across the world. 

We should be doing better, but most importantly we CAN! There are so many places to shop low waste and plastic free these days. Here's a list of my favourite places in Brighton, but if you don't have access to shops like these then you could always try only buying what you need, reusing what you can, buying in bulk to reduce waste, and trying to buy products in glass jars or cardboard boxes, which are more widely recycled. Every small step counts!


Stands for How It Should Be. You can refill your pantry jars with everything from pasta, rice and lentils to oats, nuts and dried fruit. They also have liquid pumps to refill things like shampoo, conditioner and dish soap. There's a bakery counter where you can purchase fresh cakes, pastries and doughnuts, and an organic fruit and veg section - this is all free from plastic packaging, just take a couple of mesh produce bags with you, or slip directly into a canvas tote.


One of the leaders in this area with completely unpackaged bath bombs, bubble bars and soaps. Just remember to place them all in your own cloth bag and refuse the individual brown paper bags and stickers if you don't need them. While some other products do come in plastic containers they encourage you to return or reuse, and they sell a range of plastic free makeup, shampoo bars, and naked shower gels. Plus it's all completely cruelty free!

Harriet's of Hove

New kid on the block, and technically not in Brighton (but close enough!), Harriet's of Hove allows you to refill all your pantry jars and shop completely package free. It's a low waster's heaven!

Flour Pot Bakery

All their bread is fresh and unwrapped. I love to grab a loaf in the morning to take home and eat with warm soup for lunch on a cold winter Sunday. Take your own cloth bag to pop your loaf into and refuse the paper bag they offer for extra low waste points!


Vegan perfumes dispensed into refillable glass bottles. There's so many scents to choose from, including designer dupes. If it's not a gift, ask for it without the cardboard box and you've got yourself a waste free perfume collection.


Inside Brighton's Open Market, this is another place to refill your pantry jars and liquids, including dish soap, shampoo, and oil and vinegar. Plus they sell a load of zero waste products to help you start your low waste journey, including bamboo cutlery, recycled toilet paper, reusable canteens and mooncups.

Open Market

There's a couple of stalls inside the market offering completely fresh and plastic free fruit & veg. And for a far better price than the supermarket veg that's flown in from goodness knows where and wrapped in a load of plastic. You can pick up a huge box of sweet potatoes or avocados for just £3. Or grab only what you need for just £1 per bowl. Why would you buy your veg from anywhere else? Just take your own mesh or canvas bags to carry your goodies home in.

Store Brighton

Another zero waste store for all your pantry refilling needs - they stock everything from herbs, spices, nuts, and grains to shampoo, conditioner, dish soap and hand soap. They even have a blender to grind your own fresh peanut butter! The rest of the store houses the usual zero waste items like recycled toilet paper, soap bars, wax food wraps and reusable water bottles.

Brighton is a fabulously green city with so many places to shop plastic free and low waste. Do you have a favourite place to shop plastic free? Lemme know!

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