My Low Waste Bathroom Essentials

I'm on a personal mission to reduce my waste.

I'm not a zero waster and I wouldn't claim to be because, in truth, I'm very far from it; I continue to produce a substantial amount of weekly waste. But I am trying. Slowly, I'm removing unnecessary plastics from our home in an effort to reduce our waste and create a more sustainable lifestyle.

I'm pointing this out because I don't want this post to seem like I'm trying to present a particular, perfect way of doing things. My intention is only to document my trials and errors (of which there are many!) as I attempt to find a better way of living; for myself and the environment. Of course I understand that everyone's circumstances are different and we all require different levels of convenience. But if, like me, you'd like to take steps to reduce your waste then I hope this post is useful.

Ultimately, I think all any of us can do is try our best, within our means and our budgets, to do our bit. Today I thought I'd share my low waste bathroom essentials. These are the things I've switched to over the past few months to try to reduce our bathroom waste - and the good thing about most of these switches is that, in the long run, they will also save us money.

Bamboo toothbrushes

One of the very first things I switched in our bathroom was plastic toothbrushes for bamboo toothbrushes. This isn't technically low waste as we still need to replace our toothbrush every three months, but it is a more environmentally friendly alternative because it's made from a sustainable and biodegradable material. While we can't remove this waste, we have choosen to opt for the eco alternative. 


After watching Drowning In Plastic I started looking at how much plastic we were getting through and a ridiculous amount was coming from the bathroom: shampoos, shower gels, shaving foam, etc. I knew I needed to ditch the shower gel and make a permanent switch to good old-fashioned soap bars. The problem was that even though I grew up using soap, after moving to shower gel I became convinced that a bar of soap was unhygienic and dirty, and the thought of a bar grossed me out. How crazy is that? I got over myself for the good of the planet and now I'd never go back.

Refillable glass bottles

I also wanted to remove shampoo and conditioner bottles from my beauty waste so I bought two Amber glass bottles with pump lids, and I refill them at our local health supermarket. As well as being eco friendly, the Amber bottles look v boujie in my bathroom. I do still buy a plastic bottle of silver shampoo but I buy the biggest bottle I can find and use it sparingly so it will last me the best part of a year.

I appreciate not everyone has access to refillable shampoo and conditioner pumps, but if you're keen to minimise waste you could try the Lush bars which are completely package free - even bigger points there! Or just try buying the biggest bottles available so you use less packaging.

Safety razor

I can't believe the amount of disposable plastic razors I used to buy. They always went blunt so quickly! I know there are longer lasting women's razors available, but they're still made from a load of plastic. Then I discovered the safety razor and I've been in a silky-smooth heaven ever since. It's pink, it will last forever, and it gives me the closest shave I've ever had. I'm in love! I've already recommended it to all my friends. Plus the blades are cheap to replace and I collect them all in a little pot so when it's full I can recycle them properly. I also swapped cans of shaving foam for a conditioning soap bar.  

Water flosser 

I recently upgraded from dental floss to a water flosser and oh my god, best decision ever. It's like going to the dentist every morning. I love how clean my teeth feel after having a good ol' bath. The main reason for the switch was because I now have permanent retainers fixed to the back of my teeth so the water flosser is easier to use and far better for avoiding plaque build up. But I'm also pleased to not have to go through so much of the stringy stuff!

These are just some of the small changes I've made which make me feel a bit better about my environmental impact. Have you made any changes to switch out single-use items?

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