Why Hello There 2019

Hello 2019 you hun, I am ready for ya!

I know we're already well into the new year now. It's the sixth of Jan and we've all been back to work (Right? Majorly jealous of those who are yet to deactivate their OOO) and longed for the weekend after only a three-day week. But I thought I'd welcome in the year with my first post - and what better way to start than setting some intentions?

I'm not really big on New Year's resolutions because inevitably I won't stick to them and I'll spend the rest of the year feeling like a massive failure. But I do like to set goals; something to focus on and inspire myself.

So on New Year's Eve I sat and wrote down my goals for the year ahead, while crying as the crowd in London held hands and sang Auld Lang Syne. Every. Year. It's my favourite part about the night: connecting with strangers, acknowledging the year that's past and shedding a metaphorical skin, feeling fresh and excited for what's to come.

And I am feeling v fresh and v excited to see what this year brings. So here's what I'm intending to work on this year:

My Reading Challenge

Last year I read 18 books - not many considering I set my Good Reads Reading Challenge to 36! This year I've challenged myself to just 24 so it's more achievable. But really, I just want to read more consistently. When I finish one book I want to immediately start another. And I want to continue trying to read a variation of books, including biographies and non-fiction to expand my knowledge on certain subjects. I started using Audible at the end of 2018 and it's great for fitting in an extra book a month, which I listen to when walking to and from work.

Being more green

I made huge strides in this area towards the end of last year. After watching Drowning In Plastic I made the decision to cut as many disposable plastics as possible from my beauty routine and household products. I also completely quit buying plastic water bottles and single-use coffee cups. And I've been experimenting with making some of my own products at home (oat milk, toothpaste and dry shampoo). I've also stopped clothing purchases unless I either really need something or have really considered/longed for something. I'm just doing what I can and I feel really good about it. As they say, there's no planet B!

A big holiday

I live to travel and in recent years Matt and I have explored quite a bit of Europe but this year we really want to do a bigger trip, one of those longer haul, lounging on a beach type holidays. But I also love to sight see and adventure, so we needed to find the perfect balance. On New Year's Eve we made sure we'd achieve this goal in 2019 and booked a trip to Dubai! I've already filled a Pinterest board and started planning  the dream trip. I can't wait to explore a new city. If you've been before please send any tips my way!

Self development

This is probably the most important for me. At the end of 2018 I started a Feminism, Gender & Sexuality course. I also found myself devouring more documentaries and podcasts than usual. I I love learning and am keen to collect as much information as possible from as many sources as possible over the next year. I also want to have more conversations with people who think differently to me and challenge my own opinions. I also want to practice playing the piano more.


A new area for me. I've dabbled a bit in the past but just never really got it. This year I'd love to persist with the Headspace and see if meditation works for me. I also want to spend more time outside and feel connected and present. I want to enjoy the moments without always thinking ahead or worrying about things that really don't matter. I want to allow myself the time and space to slow down and just be.

Spending more time with loved ones

As well as finding the time to be with and work on myself, I also want to make the time to see loved ones more regularly. It can be so difficult when we're all rushed off our feet but I'm determined to schedule regular catch ups with friends and family, and make more of an effort to just check in more between those catch ups.

My goals for the year are mostly focused on improving myself, my relationships and my lifestyle. I just feel that aiming for personal growth and fulfilment is much more important and can only make me feel good about myself. Do you set goals at the start of a new year? What's on your list for 2019?

Whether you're a real planner or a suck it and see kinda person, I hope it's a bloody good one for all of us!

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