Autumnal Things I'm Loving Lately

I know, I know. I'm a walking, talking blogger cliche. But autumn really is my favourite time of year. I love when the evenings get darker and the air gets cooler, walking on a carpet of crisp leaves, all the colours and tastes, the fashion, Halloween celebrations and the start of the countdown to Christmas. We had a bit of a slow start to the season this year with the ridiculously warm temperatures lasting well into October, but now the change is finally here I'm really getting into hibernation mode. So here's 8 autumnal things that I've been loving lately...

1. Bold Lips
Obvi. As soon as the leaves started to change, I dug out the burnt oranges, the wine reds and the berry pinks to add a splash of seasonal colour to my everyday makeup routine.

2. Pumpkin Spice Everything
Hi, my name's Jayde and I'm a pumpkin spice addict. PSLs, marshmallows, soups, cookies, coffees and teas, and scented candles; you name it, if it's pumpkin flavoured it's going straight in my basket.

3. Cosy Nights In
By January I've had enough of the dreariness, but at the start of the season I love these cold, dark evenings. As soon as I get in I rip off the bra and stick on the pyjamas, light every candle in the house, turn on the fairy lights, pour a glass of red, get under the blankets and snuggle up in front of the TV. 

4. Baths
A good book, as many candles as I can fit along the bath edge and lots of bubbles from Lush's Candy Mountain bar... pure bliss. A long hot soak is probably my favourite activity at this time of year so, yeah, I'll most likely be resembling a wrinkly prune for the next five months!

5. Teddy Coats
My teddy is by far my favourite purchase of 2018. Oversized, soft and warm, it's like a bed away from home and is keeping me in luxurious levels of comfort on chilly days.

6. Long Walks
Heading out with the camera and a bag of monkey nuts for the squirrels is a regular activity for us. I love getting all wrapped up and walking through the fallen leaves in the countryside, or grabbing a PSL for a morning a stroll along the seafront. 

7. Festivities
Halloween parties, pumpkin carving and bonfires. Plus, where I'm from there's huge bonfire processions which are always fun. And the perfect excuse to make a start on the mulled wine stash!

8. Books
I love to read all year round obviously, but I find I get through more books at this time of year (probably because I'm having more baths!). On my tbr list to finish over the next two months are:
- Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire by Akala
- Feminists Don't Wear Pink by Scarlett Curtis
- The Spirit Level by Kate Pickett & Richard G. Wilkinson 
- Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

Tell me what things you've been loving lately.

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