V Rev // Manchester

The best thing about a 100% vegan restaurant is being able to eat absolutely everything and anything that takes your fancy on the menu. But that's also the worst thing. I have eyes bigger than my belly when it comes to food and always want everything. Hence the two sides here that I just couldn't pass up despite the size of the burger! It's just so wonderful to be able to order anything I like, without having to ask if it's vegan friendly, or if it can be made vegan by taking all the best bits out and still charging me full price for what is essentially now just a bowl of lettuce.  

So, as you can probably imagine, a trip to an all-vegan restaurant equates to a massive treat yoself binge where I allow myself to stuff my face with as many mains and sides as I can handle. Of course, this usually means I have no room left for dessert. Enter the doughnut burger - a true masterpiece that includes two courses for the price of one. 

This beast of a burger can be found at V Rev, a completely vegan diner in Manchester's Northern Quarter. It's a quirky little diner with all the details you'd expect from a vegan eatery; vegan messages displayed all over the walls (hell yes!), super friendly and attentive staff, gender inclusive toilets (let's get more of these already please), bright decor and a fantastic, cruelty-free menu.

After discovering this place on Instagram, Matt and I knew it was the only option for dinner on our recent trip to the city. Thanks to Insta, we knew before we'd even arrived that we were both going to order the Donut Have A Cow Man! burger and really indulge. Hey, we were technically on holiday! The burger consists of 2x beefy patties, 2x cheez, baecon, crispy fried onions, BBQ sauce and two sugar ring doughnuts as the buns. And do you know what? It actually worked. The sweetness of the doughnut worked really well with the sweetness of the BBQ sauce. It was huge, super tasty and completely Instagrammable. 

After arriving and checking out the full menu, we also felt compelled to add the Mac & Cheez which is topped with garlic panko breadcrumbs and fresh chives, as well as the Chkn Tenders which are glazed in Buffalo sauce and served with Ranch dressing and fresh chives. Two things I can't ever say no to tbh. And yes, I ate every bite. Doughnut judge me!

Whether you're vegan or not, this place is well worth a visit if you're ever in the area - for the burger alone! I for one am really hoping this trend takes off like the cronut did and we start seeing the doughnut burger popping up everywhere.

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  1. I honestly don't know if I love or hate the sound of that doughnut but it does look really good!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. haha! I know what you mean! But I promise it's so yum :)