I Have This Thing With Sleeves

I have this thing with sleeves. Ruffled, flared, fluted, tiered, tied, frilled - I'm not fussy as long as there's a nice bit of detail.

When browsing online I'll add anything with big, dramatic sleeves to my basket. I obviously remove 95% of items before purchasing, but clearly my lust list shows I have a type when it comes to sleeves.

I like them as dramatic as my attitude. Yes, I may look sweet but girl got some 'tude. Just ask the boyfriend.

You can credit this obsession to Britney Spears, circa 2002 in the superb teen flick, Crossroads. Anyone remember that film? I watched it so much (and still enjoy the odd Sunday viewing, even 16 years later) singing along to I'm Not A Girl and wishing I'd buried a wish box to reminisce over with my own girl gang.

In particular, I remember the crop top Britney wore during the end audition scene with the extra long waterfall sleeves. #Goals.

I remember wanting a top just like that all those years ago, but I never did find one. So perhaps that's why I've been filling my wardrobe with them over the past couple of years, since they came back into style. I've got dresses, jumpers and tops with varying sleeve detail, but I've been lusting for something with oversized sleeves for ages. Enter this beaut of a top.

I picked it up during a recent TK Maxx rummage and it's one of my favourite purchases ever. Look at it. Those sleeves are extra AF. I want to wear it everywhere. While not the meter long waterfall sleeves Britney donned all those years ago (I'm still on the hunt for one of those if you spot anything btw), these sleeves are still pretty huge while remaining practical for everyday wear.

I also love the navy blue colour and use of white stripes, it looks v royal and makes me feel like I should be on yacht, sipping champagne while being fed strawberries. That's what you do on yachts, right?

Okay, I've definitely rambled on about this top for far too long and used the word "sleeves" so many times it's lost all meaning. Sleeves. I'm off to blast my Britney playlist because I really don't have much else to say today - this isn't a deep and meaningful post, it's just a little note on my current fashion obsession and this wonderful new addition to my wardrobe that you can expect to see appearing regularly over on my Instagram feed.

Are you a fan of flute sleeves? What's your fashion obsession that you just can't say no to?

In case you're interested: the top is from TK Maxx, the jeans are from Primark and the bag is from Romwe.

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  1. I can't say no to jumpers. I have so many jumpers, sweaters, whatever you want to call them I just can't stop buying them! They're so warm and cosy. This jumper looks so cool on you and those sleeves make an awesome statement!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! I am so in love the sleeves! I feel you on the jumper love, too. I have a LOT in my wardrobe... if only it wasn't too warm for jumpers right now - but it makes breaking them out in October a treat so, looking forward to that!

      Jayde x

  2. I love those sleeves so much, I’m super obsessed with fun statement sleeves.


    1. Thank you! I know, they're my favourite thing to wear - and buy! xx