Cafe Rust // Brighton

Rust doesn't exactly evoke warmth and beauty does it? A rusty old bike sitting in the rain, a rusty nail digging into your foot - no thank you. 

But who knew theming an entire cafe around the stuff could be total heart-eye-emojis and #interiorgoals? 

Welcome to Cafe Rust. A gorgeous little cafe on Preston Road - so close to me and yet it's taken me over a year to pay a visit. But I'm so pleased I finally did. 

Rusty walls, rusty chairs and tables, rustic decor details and insanely delicious food. It's every bit of quirk you'd expect from Brighton.

It's an intimate little cafe space with a cute garden out the back, which is packed with pretty plants and is a total sun trap in the morning.

It was a particularly warm day when Matt and I visited so we nabbed a seat outside and ordered two lattes and two Rustic Vegan brunches. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the brunch ingredients - savoury and oh so chic with no beans or hash browns in sight. The Rustic Vegan comes with pan fried sweet potato, roasted mushroom and tomato, sauteed spinach and smashed avocado on sourdough.

The food was incredible - from the presentation to the taste, everything was perfect. 

We're so lucky to have so many amazing places to grab brunch in Brighton. If you've never been, add Cafe Rust to your list of quirky cool cafes pronto, and make sure you give the vegan brunch a try - it's worth every rusty penny. 

Have you been to Cafe Rust yet?

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  1. Brighton is a place close to my heart as my boyfriend and I went there on our first holiday and our first anniversary. The food looks so delicious at Cafe Rust, and on first impressions I don't think it's somewhere I would initially look inside. that cake looks insane though! xx

    1. That's exactly the experience I had. I live right by it, but never looked inside until I saw someone else post on Instagram about it. So glad I popped in - such a lovely place with lovely staff, too! Pleased you love Brighton, too - it's my favourite place in the world! x