20 Photos To Inspire A trip To Manchester

I'm a big fan of the staycation. It's so easy to forget how much the UK has to offer when we're busy wanderlusting for farther destinations, but we have so many beautiful cities here that make for a great weekend away. 

Manchester has been on my bucket list for a while now, and with Matt's birthday coming up I ceased the opportunity to visit. I swiped a couple of tickets for Soccer Aid and booked a hotel for the night: two birds, one stone. 

We visited last weekend and spent a day in the city before heading to the game. Camera in hand, we ventured out for an afternoon of exploring, cocktail-drinking and photo-taking. Manchester is such a lovely city. Full of red brick buildings and quirky bars, it has a real industrial feel to it - and everyone is super friendly. I really loved it and wish I had longer to see more sights. 

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet from my photo album from the weekend, and if you're after a bit of travel inspo I'd  definitely recommend Manchester. 

Have you been ever visited Manchester? What did you love about the city?

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