Ditsy Prints On The South Downs

The South Downs National Park is just gorgeous isn't it?

I feel so lucky to live in Brighton and have the best of a vibrant, vegan-friendly city, a traditional British seaside resort and all this beautiful countryside, just right here on my doorstep.

Matt and I really try to make the most of our weekends here and get out and about to explore the local areas, and this BH weekend was no exception. We had glorious weather and absolutely no plans so we decided to finally head up to Stanmer Park for a little wander through the woods.

En route we grabbed a couple of ciders and at the top of the hill we found a little spot overlooking Stanmer House, where we sat and enjoyed the views, the sunshine, and the peace and quiet - surprisingly we were the only people there!

Just look at those rolling fields in the distance. I was v tempted to run down that hill, arms flung open, singing the Sound of Music - but yeah, I'm far too lazy for that so I just sat and read instead.

When we were ready to move on we headed down into the village of Falmer to feed the ducks and geese at Falmer Pond. The highlight of the day was seeing a turtle sat sunbathing on a rock - hey, I like nature okay?

If you get the chance to visit any part of the South Downs National Park, go for it. We're so lucky to have this natural beauty so close.

And now, you're probably wondering about that ditsy print part of the title? While on our walk through the woods, I asked Matt to snap some 'outfit-of-the-day' type photos because a) there were no witnesses to rofl at me and b) the scenery made the perfect backdrop for the dress I was wearing - Primark, btw. £10 and purchased recently. I'm actually really loving the wrap dresses they have in this summer - they're super comfy, a complete bargain and easy to throw on when we get the odd tropical day here in old Blighty.

Sharing these photos feels pretty strange to me thanks to crippling self doubt and the fear that I actually just look like a thumb in a dress - I'm the queen of awkward poses and I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH MY HANDS!!

But, with no-one around and a cider-buzz giving me a little confidence boost, I gave it a go!

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  1. What a fab blog �� and beautiful pictures X I love it all, keep up the good work