A List Of Little Things That Make Me Happy

One of my favourite childhood memories is of my mum taking me and my sister and brothers out in the pouring rain. That sounds borderline child abuse doesn't it? But back in the day we loved being outside, getting dirty and running around for hours on end (just so long as we weren't missing an episode of Bernard's Watch or The Queen's Nose. Man they don't make kids TV like they used to, ey!). 

We would all throw on our raincoats and wellies and literally run out the door with the dogs, jumping in every puddle we came across. We'd be out for hours, running across fields and down dirt tracks, until we were soaked through and completely knackered, and then we'd head home for my favourite part of the day...

We'd ditch our coats and muddy boots at the front door, strip out of our wet clothes and into fresh pyjamas and my mum would make us all hot chocolates and we'd snuggle up to watch, what I like to call, a "Sunday film". That warm, cosy feeling, with the sound of the rain tapping against the window was the best part about those rainy days.

Although I've outgrown the desire to go puddle jumping, I still love a rainy day - particularly at the weekend when I can stay home, snuggle under a blanket and binge Netflix, listening to the pitter patter of the rain.

I think it's important to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life, and so I thought I'd start a list of the little things that always make me happy. 

1. Obviously number one is being the warmth of my flat, listening to the rain against the window
2. The smell of ice cold air right before it snows
3. Lincoln's furry little face, giving me kisses when I get home from work every evening
4. Lighting every candle in the house and getting cosy
5. Walks along the seafront, watching the waves
6. Going through my memory box, looking at old photos and reading old letters
7. Watching the murmurs of starlings on Brighton beach
8. The smell of freshly cut grass and feeling the sun on my face
9. Making playlists for every possible mood on Spotify
10. Climbing into fresh bedding - heaven
11. Long soaks in the tub with a good book or TV show to binge
12. Believe it or not, the sound of seagulls - it makes me feel at home
13. Afternoon naps
14. Exploring a new city
15. Taking off my bra at the end of the day - freedom
16. The smell of old books
17. The smell of new books
18. Hearing that crackle when playing an old record
19. Feeling the start of autumn in the air - & pumpkin spiced everything
20. Christmas
21. People watching in cafes
22. Watching the trailers before the movie starts
23. Photobooth moments
24. Sunsets that make the sky pink
25. Being an auntie 

What little things make you happiest? Make a list of them, it makes you feel all fuzzy inside :)

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