4 Places To Grab A Drink In Cambridge

Honestly, we get a spot of sunshine and I immediately start making all the summer plans. My notebook is filled with scribbles of all the places I'm planning to visit over the next few months, including a return to my fave, Cambridge.

I absolutely love Cambridge, especially in the summer when the weather is perfect for a nice punt along the river. It's such a beautiful city, I recommend everyone visits at some stage to see it in person.

If you need some inspiration then you're in luck! Today I'm sharing my 4 favourite spots to grab a drink across the city, because come summer I'm all about day drinking. Yolo and that.

1. The Tourist hot spot

So first up we have the classic rooftop bar. What even is summer without drinks on a roof? The Varsity Hotel & Spa rooftop bar is a tourist hotspot and is often packed on a warm day, but it's certainly worth the hype. I like to soak in those stunning panoramic city views with a glass of wine, a bowl of olives and the sun in my face. Bliss.

2. The luxury hotel bar

Next on my list is the perfect spot for pre dinner drinks. The Tamburlaine Hotel bar is stunning - look at all that marble! Plus the toilets are worthy of a telfie - toilet selfie if ya didn't know. Yes there's a word for that. This is a place for dressing up fancy and sipping champagne from saucers.

3. The hidden gem

I almost don't want to tell people about this place for fear of it becoming too busy and impossible to get a seat! On a sunny day, this spot offers what is quite possibly my favourite view of the river. The Granta pub has a large terrace where you can enjoy drinks in the sunshine, but my favourite spot is on a bench that runs along the side, overlooking the River Cam. Sinking a glass of wine while watching the punters go by - I can spend literally hours here. Plus it's totally Instagrammable!

4. The do-it-yourself 

And finally, the best place to grab a drink is outside, so grab a bottle and head for the River Cam. You can either find a spot on the bank-side and bask in the sunshine, watching the punters pass by, or join a punting tour and pour yourself a glass as your guide tells you all about the city's amazing history.

I hope you found this post useful and maybe discovered something new, or feel inspired to plan a trip to Cambridge? I've completely sold the idea of another trip to myself  *heads straight to Trainline.com and books tickets*

Have you been to Cambridge before? Do you have any other recommendations for me?

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