The Avocado Show // Amsterdam

I love avocados as much as the next hipster foodie, opting for avo on toast whenever I'm out for a spot of weekend brunchin'.

So obvs when Matt and I booked our trip to Amsterdam, The Avocado Show was top of my foodie bucketlist.

An entire restaurant dedicated to the green stuff? Yes please - I'll take the lot! (And yes, I know it's Amsterdam, but I promise the green stuff is just avocado!) Smashed, chopped, sliced, moussed, creamed, even smoothied. I'll take it any way I can get it tbh.

The inside is every bit hipster meets health as you'd expect. The walls are covered in green leaves and neon signs, and gorgeous pink sofas line the edges. It's a dreamy photo op for the gram!

It's card payments only, no cash, as with most eateries we visited in Amsterdam.

When we visit it's breakfast and so we both go for the vegan friendly pancakes, aka The Saint Stack: three deliciously thick matcha  pancakes with a gooey blueberry centre and slices of avocado layered between them. The pancakes are topped with a citrus avocado mousse, blueberries, maple syrup and edible flowers and, of course,  the first thing I do is take a gazillion photos of my totally Insta-worthy breakfast.

We also order avocado smoothies, which are fantastic. I go for banana and Matt has blueberry.

I feel all health and contentment until I've finished and I literally can't move because they're so damn filling!

We leave discussing how we'd eat it all over again right now if we weren't so full. It was that good!

If you're not already sick of the avocado craze then I'd definitely recommend a visit to the avo temple 👍

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