VX // Bristol

Think vegan food is boring? Tastes like cardboard? Looks likes rabbit food? Think again! Matt and I can safely say we've enjoyed the best foods since going vegan. Don't believe us? Get your butt to VX Bristol and see for yourself.

That's right, all of this is 100% vegan and 100% delicious!

VX was top of my foodie bucketlist when we went to Bristol this summer. The vegan junk food menu is packed with hot dogs, burritos, cakes and more. And I couldn't wait to stuff my face with it all.

After ordering at the counter we browsed the little shop, which is filled with vegan apparel, gifts and produce. Our Monster Shakes in sight, we grabbed a table and sipped away, patiently waiting for our Breakfast Burrito. I tried so hard to not fill up on milkshake before my food came but I failed miserably and gulped down half the glass before I'd even finished taking photos!

The shakes were made with Vego chocolate (err yum!!) and topped with a donut, soya cream and chocolate sauce. Trust me when I say it was every bit as scrumptious as it looks.

When the Breakfast Burritos made their way out, my gut decided it had a new lease of life and I could suddenly fit more in. I wolfed down the wrap stuffed with potato waffles, baked beans, vegan sausage and a load of melty cheese until I literally couldn't move.

Thankfully Bristol is a beautiful city to wander aimlessly around as you try to walk off your unnecessary, but incredibly scrummy, junk food breakfast.

You can find VX at 123 East St, Bristol.

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