2018 Goals

Happy New Year!

I'm starting the year with the obligatory list of goals I'll inevitably forget all about. But hey, that's what new years are all about right? Good intentions.

This year I really will try to:

Read more books (I'm aiming for two a month minimum)

Travel, both abroad (I've already booked Budapest for this summer) and closer to home

Take more photos (of everything and everyone)

Be more green (I want to up my recycling and choose products that are better for the environment)

Drink a lot more water (from my awesome new HydrateM8 I got for Christmas!)

Make the most of my MoveGB membership (I find classes much more motivating than the gym!)

Here's to 2018 being bloody fantastic. And here's to me actually remembering some of these!

What goals have you set for the year ahead?

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